Phil 160H | Introduction to Ethics


I’ve posted the handout of common mistakes for the second paper here.

The topic for the third paper is now available, as well as the readings for the rest of the semester.

The reading for Tuesday is Singer’s `Voluntary Euthanasia’. Unfortunately, we will not have time to discuss Langton’s paper.

The topic for the second paper is now available.

The third reading question is now available in the usual place.

As I announced in class last Thursday, the reading schedule has changed. What was originally announced for last Thursday will be the readings for this coming Tuesday. The reading schedule has been updated accordingly.

Given the changes to our reading schedule, the second reading question will not be due until September 24.

The topic for the first paper is now available.

I’ve posted the handout on arguments on the class Moodle site.

As I announced in class last week, I will not be holding office hours at my usual time this week. If you need to see me, please to schedule an appointment.

I’ve set up a course calendar. You can subscribe to it here. The calendar includes the deadlines for the three papers for this class. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any trouble accessing the course calendar.

The readings for the first two weeks of class have been posted. Please make sure to if you have any trouble accessing the files.