Phil 595F | Topics in Formal Philosophy


There was an error in the definition of a Goodman set in the fifth problem set. I’ve fixed it. Please make sure you have the latest version of the problem set before you get started.

This coming week, Steve Yablo will be visiting our seminar. He will present some of his recent work on indicative conditionals. Steve asked that we read two papers in preparation for his visit. I’ve listed them in the usual place.

As I announced in class, our meeting this week will take place in N400 ILC, where Emmanuel Chemla will be giving a lecture titled ‘Concepts in a Lexicon“:” Learning Homophony. Innateness and Bayesianism’.

The readings for 10/15, as well as the third problem set, are now available in the usual places.

Next week we will continue our discussion of non-propositionalist theories. Just review the readings from last week. You may also want to take a look at Stalnaker’s ‘Conditional propositions and conditional assertions’.

And another typo! This time, thanks are due to Lu for bringing this to my attention. The typo was in problem 4. I’ve fixed it.

There was a typo in one of the definitions of the second problem. It has been fixed. Thanks to Haley for pointing this out to me.

The second problem set is now available on the assignments page. It is due on September 30.

There is a typo in the last problem of the first problem set. If you figured out what the typo is, you will get bonus points. But if you did not, or if you found yourself unable to prove what I asked you to, you will not be penalized. Thanks to Patrick for pointing this out to me.

It came to my attention that problem 4 on the first problem set is also one of the statements on p. 14 of Strevens’ Notes. You should feel free to just skip problem 4, or to refer to your earlier proof. Thanks to Victor for pointing this out.

There was a typo in the problem set I first posted. The typo has been corrected as of 11:30 AM. The first problem set is now available on the assignments page. It is due on September 16.

The readings for the first two weeks of class have been posted. Please make sure to if you have any trouble accessing the files.