Phil 428

Anglo-American Philosophy since 1950

Two announcements

(Actually, three announcements.)

First, about next week: We will finish our discussion of Chapter 2 of Kripke, Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language. We will concentrate on his objections to the dispositional account. You may want to re-read pp. 21-36.

If time permits, we will start our discussion of Quine, ‘Reference and Modality’, in From a Logical Point of View, 2nd ed., Cambridge: HUP, 1961. An electronic copy of that paper is available in the Dropbox folder. You may also want to look at Quine, ’Notes on existence and Necessity’, Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 40, No. 5, 1943, pp. 113-127, also available in the Dropbox folder.

Second, Ray Monk (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton, and author of a well-known biography of Wittgenstein, The Duty of Genius) will be giving a talk in the Philosophy Department on Thursday, April 5.

Title: “How can I be a logician before I am a human being?”, The Life and Work of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Time and place: Mudd Hall 102, 2pm

It should be fun.

Finally, remember there is no class on Wednesday, April 4.