Phil 160

Introduction to Ethics

Homework Assignments

In order to avoid future confusions about deadlines for your weekly homework, remember that all homework assignments are due before lecture on Wednesday of the relevant week. If for some reason the deadline is extended, you will receive an explicit notification either via email or via an update to this site.

If due to some glitch on Moodle you notice that the stated deadline is anything different from the corresponding Wednesday before lecture, please disregard that. Again, unless I or one of your TAs explicitly announce otherwise, assume that all assignments have the usual deadline.

My apologies for any past confusions.

Lecture Notes

I have posted slides from the last three lectures on the Moodle site. Let me know if you have any trouble viewing them.

Readings and First Assignment

Readings for next week are now listed here. The first weekly assignment is also up on Moodle.

Remember that there will be discussion section tomorrow. Those of you who have been assigned a different section from the one you originally signed up for should have been notified by email. Please contact your TA if you cannot make it to the section you have been reassigned to.


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