Phil 355

Introduction to Philosophy of Mind


As I mentioned in class on Tuesday, there are no additional readings for Thursday. But please make sure to go over the Kripke reading once again.

Two Things

First: following up on our discussion last Thursday, here is Chomsky’s review of B. F. Skinner’s Verbal Behavior.

Second: there was a typo on the readings for next week. It’s been fixed now. If you tried to look for a section titled ‘What Does ’‘Identity’‘ Mean?’ in chapter 3 of Kim’s book, you probably realized that there was a typo. But for the record: all readings from Kim’s book for next week are from chapter 4.


We are a little behind relative to the original reading schedule. So, for this coming Thursday, you should just reread the material assigned for today. In other words, here are the readings for Thursday:

  • Descartes, excerpts from The Passions of the Soul. (Chalmers).
  • Smullyan, ‘An Unfortunate Dualist’. (Chalmers)
  • Kim, chapter 2, read until the end of the section titled ‘Princess Elisabeth against Descartes’.

I will update the reading schedule shortly.

Readings for Thursday

The readings for Thursday’s class are now available in electronic form on the readings page. Starting next week, I will assume you each have access to the required books for this class.


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