Graduate course. Fall 2017.

Introduction to Ethics (honors).

Fall 2017.


Topics in Philosophy of Language: Expressivism

Graduate course. Spring 2017.

Introduction to Philosophy of Language.

Spring 2017.

Introduction to Ethics (honors).

Fall 2016.

Realism, Objectivity, etc.: Ethics & Mathematics

Graduate seminar. Fall 2015.

Introduction to Philosophy.

Fall 2015.

Current Issues: Semantics/Philosophy of Language Interface

Graduate seminar. Taught jointly with S. Cable. Spring 2015.


Graduate course. Fall 2014.

Introduction to Ethics (honors).

Fall 2014.

Topics in Philosophy of Language.

Graduate course. Spring 2014.

Introduction to Ethics.

Spring 2014.

Bayesian Perspectives on Epistemic Value.

Graduate seminar. Taught jointly with C. Meacham. Fall 2014.

Introduction to Philosophy of Mind.

Fall 2014.

Remote past.

Rationality & non-cognitive attitudes.

Graduate seminar taught at USC. Spring 2013.

Anglo-American Philosophy since 1950.

Taught at USC. Spring 2012.

Minds, Machines & Language

Taught at USC. Fall 2011.

Paradox & Infinity.

Taught at MIT. Spring 2011.